Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Augie Doggie & Mack Daddy

My Dentist was wondering today(while excavating two of my teeth) whether or not the voice of Mr Ed(what- you mean he didn't really talk himself?!)was actually done by Johnny Cash. If you "de-twang" it, Cash's voice COULD conceivably pass for that of Wilbur's ignoble steed. Anything is possible...*

Thank goodness for a Dentist with a sense of humor. Between him and his assistant and myself, we usually get the laughing gas going, so to speak. Definitely helps, adds a couple layers of bread to that shit sandwich known as dental work. Anyway, the Johnny Cash/Mr Ed thing reminded me of an equally unlikely musical parallel that'd occured to me at one point or another.. Listening to rapper Snoop Dogg, not the words mind you but the cadence of his words and his tone: that sort of nasal staccato delivery- has always reminded me of Howard Cosell.

Yes. Howard'the- fans- have- a- right- to- know' Cosell. The late sports announcer, who'd interviewed Mohammed Ali among many others. Okay, speeded up a bit, but that same basic rhythm. Really. Go to your record/CD collection and dig out your Dogg cache, and you'll see what I mean.

You'll probably never hear Snoop Dogg the same way again. Or Howard Cosell for that matter. I wish Cosell had lived longer. Maybe we could have heard them together.
peace out,
Heavy R

*One episode of Mr Ed I missed but would be interested in seeing(I think anyway)is one which was excerpted in a commercial for Nick at Nite. In the clip, Ed says to Wilbur," Wilbur, I'm your horse , not your wife !" Hmmm, that episode was probably rated M for mature audiences...


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