Monday, November 14, 2005

Various Harebrained Ideas

"If fat people don't stop eating so much, they'll use up all our gravity and we'll all go floating off into space. We've got to do something fast!"

The author of this quote has requested to be anonymous here(gee I wonder why?), so of course I'll honor their wishes. It's refreshing to see that a few of one's friends have ideas that are just as crazy as some of one's own. I guess that's why they're friends...

Here are a few of my harebrained ideas:

A strap-on dildo, called Michael Bolt-on. Great for lesbian couples I guess, or anybody else who would want to enhance things with this nifty strap-on device...

A furniture store which sells nothing but footstools, called The Ottoman Empire.

Another in-between meal like 'Brunch', only this one between the lunch and dinner hour(say, around 3:30-4pm), called Dunch. Thus you could add entertainment as well, make it a Jazz Dunch . Well, okay, dunch is not all that euphonious a word-especially if you're gonna design a meal around it..

A porno movie, called Rock Around the Cock.

Another one called Phallus in Wonderland. (Actually one of my favorite pornflick titles is one I haven't had the privilege of actually seeing but just saw in the box--pardon the pun-- at a video place: Up and In. Really. Up and In. Sort of like "Hot n' Now" only with people screwing I guess.)

One harebrained idea I had which did kinda turn into something was a support group for guitarists(mainly)and other instrumentalists who take up bass to get more work, and then never get called for their main instrument. It's called Bass Under Pressure, and actually has 5 or 6 members in the central Illinois area. We've yet to have a meeting but it has been discussed. I put it up on Yahoo thinking I'd be deluged with members but got nary a one. Absolute zero response. Must be something only Illinoisans find funny...

And perhaps the harebrainedest idea of all: a blogsite called The Rubber Room where I write drivel like this for whoever stumbles across it in that proverbial cybernetic wrong toin at Albukoike . You know, Bugs Bunny(speaking of harebrained- sorry!)ever on his way to Pizmo Beach and makes the wrong turn, only to end up...

More later.


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