Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ode to Monday(?!)

A partly sunny Sunday. Back to work tomorrow. Probably a busy week ahead, given the time of year and end-of-quarter and all that. Many more Mondays to serve between now and when-I-get-to-quit-doing-this, but at least Mondays now are quiet. I come in, fire up the computer, get coffee, say good morning to a few people and off I go.
Though like most folks in their 50's who've worked for at least the past 20 years, I look forward to being able to retire at some not-too-distant point, I try not to think about how many more Mondays still await.

Well okay, 288, give or take a few. Taken all at once, an appalling number. If it were M & Ms, you'd probably have the trots. So, best to narrow one's vision as best one can, and knock 'em back one at a time. That day will come eventually when you're on your last Monday and can cash in your chips.

For now I have some Sunday left to enjoy, partly cloudy or not, before tackling Monday # T-288. It'll be here soon enough, but then come 4:30 in the pm, I'll have one less of them to plow through. But I must say here, even though I've been doing them for some time now, I'm still glad to have someplace to go on Monday morning. Keep 'em coming. At least 288 more anyway.


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