Saturday, July 04, 2015

The Osmoreceptors

Sounds like it'd make a cool band name, probably of the techno-pop/nihilist variety. Neo-Devo. Ladies and gentlemen, direct from Pahrump Nevada(or wherever--there actually is such a place, but that's another post)- The Osmoreceptors. 

Osmoreceptors are actually special neurons in the Hypothalamus which are triggered when a certain level of dehydration is reached in the body. They signal the Pituitary Gland, which releases a hormone called Vasopressin(or ADH, which stands for Anti-Diuretic Hormone)into the bloodstream so that the body retains its water. 
 Once one's thirst is quenched, the Pituitary pulls back on the ADH, and the body is restored to homeostasis(balance of fluids)and everything is again hunky-dory. The osmoreceptors go back to their card game or whatever it was they were doing before. 

This would make a great band name not just because it sounds cool(even though that's reason enough), but because it's appropriate--well, in the context of playing in a bar, where one's success depends on how much liquor is sold. "We know you're thirsty! Why? Because we're the Osmoreceptors!"



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