Friday, April 15, 2016

Thank you for your comments!

  I've had this blogsite up for about a decade now, and continue to have fun with it. The content varies, from actual serious(and I hope, thoughtful)posts to juvenile silliness. It's a nice outlet for me, and seems to be entertaining to a few folks out there. They've written to tell me as much. Sometimes there's a criticism in there, but it's always been constructive. Until last March. 
  On March 18th of last year, I got a hate letter from some poor soul, telling me I was "the lowest form of life on the planet" and then proceeding to find everything possible that was wrong with me and my writing. On and on and on it went, ending finally with "if you have a learning disability, I apologize".
  I went through a series of emotions similar perhaps to the five stages of dying outlined by Dr Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in her book "On Death and Dying"(anger, denial, bargaining, depression and acceptance, if memory serves). In my case, shock, hurt, extreme anger, simmered anger, and finally a sort of acceptance. 
  When the shock and hurt wore off, I imagined this person, who'd criticized me and my writing so viciously, being torn apart by wild animals. Or maybe just soundly pummelled in a Sopranos-style 'disciplinary' meeting.  Then it cooled to having them play the part of Larry in a medium-intensity Stooges skit. 
  And finally it just fell away altogether, all the hurt and anger and depression. Time to move on. So I re-opened the comments here, to again allow people to make them. Not without a bit of trepidation over the possibility of getting another plate of vitriol- from this same person or (God forbid)someone just like them. But still, moving ahead. Or trying to. 
  Well today, I got my first comment since reopening the gates. It wasn't overly positive, but it was brief, and without any nastiness. The post in question was one called Macromastia, which I've since deleted. Their comment: informative, funny, pathetic..(including the ellipsis at the end).
  Okay! I can work with that. Went back and took another look at Macromastia, and found myself agreeing with them- at least about the pathetic part. While writing it, somehow it seemed funnier. 
   So I appreciate comments which make me take another look at my views and attitudes, particularly if they're well-intentioned. I'm not made of glass, and won't shatter; but I'm not made of stone either. Be honest if you must, but be kind. Thanks. 


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