Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Weird or Somehow Offensive Band Names

(last edit 08/26/13)
Welcome to my list of weird or somehow offensive band names. It's inspired both by the awesome stuff you see in the Village Voice's club ads under 'alternative' bands, and having played in a million bands myself. This is something I've worked on, added to, over the years(if indeed one could term such efforts 'work'), a bizarre little plant I've watered with my own perhaps equally bizarre imagination. Once in awhile I will even clip a leaf or two--sometimes something is too offensive even for me! But, in any event, all of these band names are, to the best of my knowledge, original- with one noted exception(well, in a minute)The asterisk denotes a band I actually played in. Musical Dystrophy. And the plus sign indicates that it was thought of by someone else- in this case, a friend who played with me in the band Musical Dystrophy. He may not want his name in this blog, but I think he'd want to be noted, nonetheless. So here you go.

Anyway- some of these have also become the names of my tunes. Maybe in the next edit, I'll indicate which of my bandnames went songnameward. (Songnameward? Eh, it works..)Wherever they end up going, if anywhere, they're still all  my "children", odd and misshapen as they may be.

I can also say, with a certain amount of perverse pride, that these bandnames are pretty infamous in certain local musician circles. Had this list up here originally and then moved it to my "musician blog"(http://thebleunote.blogspot.com/ which nobody seems to read), then figured, no , this has a more universal appeal. In this newest edit(on 8/26/13--the birthdate of George Bernard Shaw, for what it's worth)I've eliminated a few--in this case, not because they were offensive so much as boring(gotta get rid of the parsley!)and added 20-something new ones. I approximate because I've already changed my mind about a few--and may even come up with some new ones in this edit.  So-hope you enjoy a few of these, old and new(I'm thinking of starting a Band Name Service--kids, your parents will hate these names!!):

The Secretions
The Thought Police
Pussy Patrol
The Bisexual Plumbers
Nick Lenin’s Bloc Party
Zen Dentistry
Trailer Court Lovechild
The Cumstains
Breast Worship
Prince Valium
Glumphular Gleeblox
Da Nucular Guys
Pus Sandwich
Preppy Pricks
Wired for Discipline
Lemon Slime
Laid-back Lifestyle
Missing Body Parts
Frigid Digits
Bucket o’ Brains
Musical Dystrophy*
A Dance of Ugliness
Cyst Boom Bah
Dilemma at Dinner
Uncouth Youth
Riff Raff
Space Cunt
Trail of Suds
Stoned Family Robinson
Breast Wishes
Humpy Buttslam
Phallus in Wonderland
Remo U-holo
Kinda young kinda wow
World Bean Tribe
High Colonic
4-star Genitals
Callous Sophisticates
Taras Vulva
Stud Service
The Butt Factory
Liquid Queer
The Android Sisters
The Spineless Yes-men
Mal Jovi
Youth in Asia
Heat and Serve
Hertz Donut
The Flesh Tones
Shittin’ Pretty
Heinous Anus
Spaz Attack
A Pleasant Sandwich
Skin Condition
Scary Larry
The Sniveling Wretches
Beef Injection
The Wastoids
Lesion of Doom
Table Snot
Kill or be Killed
The Sens-o-techs
Salesmen from Mars
The Salty Seamen
Table Manners
Puke a-go-go
Rectal Relief
Wrong Hole!
Peggy’s Yeast Infection
Yankety Sex
Bone-o-phone Choir
Scum Total
The Groove Council
Guns n’ Cirrhosis
Sonic Debris
Beige like Me
The Stiffies
Bongo Joe
Anglo Saxes
Fistful of Fun
Fat Chicks n’ Cheese
Mexican Jumping Beings
Nervous Retards
The Impolite Ones
The In-Breeders
Shelf Life
Wacs and Wayne
‘57 Gnash
Auntie Maim
Beevis n’ Butt-Plug
Shoes for Queers
Pasta Swastika
Debbie Trenchmouth
Teenage Vagina
Sticky Residue
Rotting Cheese
The Muensters
Ill Will and  the Bad Intentions
The Registered Sex Offenders
Pedophile Choir
Jimmy Crack Ho'
The Butt-fuckin' Brady Bunch
Sebaceous Cyst
Swimmin' in Sewage
The Self-Righteous Brothers
The Vulgar Boatmen
The St Vitus Dance Band +
The Sikh Fux
Bad Genes
Rock Around the Cock
Open Wide for Chunky
Pussy Pet Store
Abra Cadaver
Neutral Space
Barely White
Pumped full of Promise
Parents Helping Primates
It's my fucking band- I own the P.A.!!
Liz Labia and Primal Thrust
Whiff McGriff and the Ol' Factory Presets
Losers: the next generation
God's New Puppy
For your Thighs Only
Thorazine Moon
Membrane Memories
Those Creepy Guys from your Civics Class
Helping Glands