Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Stupor Bowl

I did try this year to sit through it. Got through some of the interminable introductions, the previews of the action, the good-natured horseplay on the part of the announcers(it does give jobs to folks who might have a hard time otherwise..).The hoopla started, on TV, about 1:30, and I think the actual game began around 5:30. Strangely enough, one big plus on Super Bowl Sunday was the commercials. The very thing you usually head to the fridge thus avoiding, but SBS being the big-dollar event it is, their advertisers have their most jammiin' ads going. Coca-Cola especially. Absolutely amazing graphics in the Coke commercials, much more riveting than the football action.

The Half-time Show was good. Prince was the entertainment, and he & Co. put on a fine show, with the Marching Band added in for good measure. Groovin'. Like the Coke commercials, very cool stuff.

As far as the actual football game(Chicago Bears vs the Indianapolis Colts, the Colts won), I dunno. I've tried to watch football, but I just find it too- well, static. You have these little 10-second bursts of action, upon which everyone ends up all tangled together. Then they regroup, re-set(and play it back), then you have another 10-second burst of activity culminating in another pile-up, etc. It's like watching boxers who constantly clinch, wherein the referee separates them only to have them get tied up all over again. Makes for frustrating viewing, at least to this viewer..

Now collegiate basketball is quite another story. It is very fluid as far as the activity, always moving, almost never static or stuck anyplace. There are breaks in the action, usually due to fouls, but not nearly as much as in football. Usually everything's moving the whole time. Makes for enjoyable, compelling viewing, again at least to this viewer.

Well I guess there's no accounting for personal taste. To most folks, Super Bowl Sunday is a major event, something to build a party around. To me, it's a lot of foreplay(I'm sorry, I meant a LOT of foreplay!)and then coitus interruptus at every turn, to the point that you just plain lose your hard-on. And would probably be better off just whackin' it....

But lots and lots of folks just love it. So waddyagonna do? Lots of folks watch shit like American Idol and Survivor too(other programming I consider trash), so there you go. Thank goodness there's enough alternate channels for all of us.