Sunday, July 01, 2007

Me and Whatsisname

This pic was taken at a gig some years back. Don't remember the occasion(seldom do, just the other essentials like $, parking, food)but I'd guess it had to do with somesuch Veterans group. So you could pose with Stormin' Norman, and could yourself be "Private Parts" or "General Mayhem".

Partly as a reaction to local newscasters and the like dubbing themselves "local celebrities"(and partly to just be a dogmatic asshole)a guy I work with endeavored to define celebrity as a state of worldwide recognizability. If someone in Florence Italy and Eskilstuna Sweden knows who you are as well as the grocer down the block. Then you're truly a celebrity. A household word, as it were.

Personally I'd take that definition a step further. You're truly a celebrity when people have their pictures taken with a cardboard likeness of yourself, whether for money or not. As much as I try to promote my music, I'll know I've truly made it when Norman Schwartzkopf has a picture of himself somewhere with a cardboard cut-out of ME....