Friday, March 12, 2010

Almost Spring

Well I should probably update this picture. It's about a week old, and there was snow on the ground at that time. My tree out front, which didn't quite make the picture, is still bald as a billiard ball, so in my book that makes it still "almost Spring". A very cool tree as trees go, my front yard tree--it's covered in another blog here at Roger U Roundly(called "My Cool Tree")down the page aways. Not sure what kind of tree it is, either a Japanese Maple or Red Maple, but still cool. Small but mighty.

Yeah. Almost Spring. There's a certain buzz in the air when Spring is right around the corner, a certain breathless anticipatory energy as we get ever closer to it. Particularly after a rough-ass Winter you're all too glad to see gone for another year. Of the 4 almost-seasons, my favorite is almost-Spring.

In the workweek scheme of things, I get a similar feeling on Thursdays, particularly as the day progresses and I can see Friday(and from there Saturday and Sunday)with increasing clarity. Regardless of the meteorological situation outside, the clouds part and the sun shines for me once again. Almost the weekend.

I think a lot of the time, at least with me, the anticipation is a bigger high than the experience itself. By the time Spring officially arrives, we'll have rain or some other form of less-than-clement weather to deal with and will be in the midst of all that; and during the week, by the time Friday at 4:30 finally once again rolls around, I'm often too worn-out to fully appreciate it and require at least a couple hours of wind-down time.

All the same though, for now I think I'm gonna just enjoy its being almost Spring.