Saturday, January 28, 2012

My New View

This is the view I now enjoy from my new deck. As far as actual physical views, actual scenic vistas, there are certainly better and worse. What's most important is that it's a very comfortable spot in which to sit, whether viewing the world figures into it or not. It just feels good. Simple as that.

I remember before I committed to buying this place, back in 1996, I came over a time or two and just hung out on the back porch. And I recall feeling very-- comfortable. Muy simpatico. Strangely enough, I never sat out there much after that, partly because it was just a little too small, and later falling apart. Maybe all it needed was another 12 feet.

I had to wait until I could afford it though, and that ended up being late last year, around Thanksgiving. Not a lot of nice days left in the year to enjoy it, but there have been a few. And a few this month. Well, plenty of days await this year as we move into Spring-and then Summer and Fall. So far, just a place to sit with my coffee, but I'm sure it will become a place to sit with my beer as well--and even for others to sit with their coffee and/or beer or whatever.

Actually, it's not a new view at all, just a different perspective. But it sure improves the view..

My Pal

As far as things domestic, since becoming a homeowner, this little guy has been a big help to me on many an occasion. I should say at the outset here, that I am not in any way shape or form a handyman of even the lowest order. A bit of a regret, but one moves on with one's life, and works with what one has.

Not being particularly handy or mechanical, there are nonetheless a few simple things I can manage without assistance. I can change a mean light bulb(and also the filters on the furnace in the basement- yeah, I'm trying to impress you here!), and also unclog a mean sink or toilet.

This latter skill would not be possible without that unsung unclog hero the plunger. So here's to you, pal, for all those fixes to my toilets and sinks. And thanks to you, besides the lightbulb-changing ability, I have an actual domestic skill.

I'm not too shabby at boiling water either..

Back Porch Makeover

Well it can now be told. This is a classic before-and-after situation with my back porch. As you can see from the before picture, it was about ready to fall into the abyss- and take me and more than a few bucks with it! Real Dogpatch USA stuff.

But then you can see from the after picture that I'm not necessarily into elegance either. Well-built functionality is just fine with me. And my new deck has both these qualities. Plus it's very comfortable. It feels good to hang out there. Unfortunately, this work was done very late in 2011, around Thanksgiving, so not a lot of nice weather in which to enjoy it. But until Spring gets here, I'll take my unseasonal days when we get 'em.

Like I said, it's a very comfortable space. So far it's just been me with my coffee, but I'm sure come the warmer weather that it will be a nice place to enjoy that Corona after a roughass Mnday at work. Plus a place to actually entertain guests- food, drink and merriment.

You've gotta enjoy your small victories in life, and this back porch makeover was one of them. Looking forward to many nice times out on the deck.