Monday, December 13, 2010

Bernie Madoff with our money

I've got a number of harebrained ideas which I've been intending to flesh out into blogs, but never seem to have the wherewithal to sit down and do it. At least not yet anyway. So the stuff I do put in here is more of the extemporaneous, seat-of-the-pants kinda writing. At least so far anyway.

So here we are on another Monday. As you know, I don't like Monday much. It marks the end of a weekend I was usually just getting into, and the beginning of that five-day stretch we like to call the workweek. It means I gotta get up at a certain time and go do stuff I make the best of but probably wouldn't do if I didn't need the money.

But, yeah, I try and make the best of not only Monday but the whole workweek. I mean, why not? It is by its very existence another chance to get it right(whatever it may be to you), and as long as you've got a job you gotta go to, the week has to start sometime.

And I even try to dress it up a bit. Monday, for the past couple weeks, has been movie night here in the Roundly house. Didn't feel like tacking on any weekly raiment to Monday this time out, as either movie night or no beer night(abstinence from cerveza was another novelty feature). So I'm drinking a beer and not watching a movie. I did start a strict no-beer policy for the workweek, but after a few such weeks have figured fuck it. I'm already pretty moderate in my habits. Moderation in all things, including moderation.

One thing that happened today at work, one of the few that stuck in my mind, was that I helped someone- a co-worker- spell diarrhea. Actually I fucked it up, thinking it was diahrrea. Close but no cigar. So shoot me- I was thinking phonetically, putting that h in the wrong place. I've got the correct spelling down now, but if not, as a mnemonic, I could use Rhea Perlman(although it would certainly 'discolor' my impression of her..).

Well anyway, it ended up sparking another- yes, yet another of Rog's groaners:

Rog's Dictionary defines Diarrhea of the Mouth as Irritable Vowel Syndrome.

I have another blog somewhere in the Annals of Rog which has a few of these. Seems like it's actually called Groanerz if memory serves. Something in there that will probably make you laugh, or cringe, or both.

And that's another thing that gets me through Mondays, besides Cinema Sans Cerveza or Beer n' Blog(choosing the latter option tonight), coming up with a goofyass quip like the diarrhea one, or the one last Monday about Alice B's "Toklas" brownies. Maybe there'll be a quip every week now, every Monday. At least until I get tired of quips. Or just plain can't think of one.

Well that's my array of diversions, at any rate. Weekly palliatives for the Castor Oil that is Monday morning. But then, every week I get a new shot at "getting it right", as it were. At making Rog the best he can be(especially as far as being his most relaxed and peaceful, something we Roundlys don't come by naturally), which, yes, also includes how he treats his fellow humans as well as all that creature-gratification stuff.

We humans can and do perform atrocious acts, like tripping football players on their way out to the field and swindling people out of billions of dollars(you were wondering when, if ever, I was gonna tie this in), but we can at least work on ourselves.Try and get better. I'm sure there are things I never will get "right", no matter how many Mondays I have to work with, but what the hell.

For better or worse, it looks like I've survived another one.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tuesday into Wednesday

Two days down in the workweek. Everyone has their own way of processing this information, but for me, it's MT W ThF. Monday and Tuesday tend to go fast, then the time drags a bit tomorrow, being equidistant from the beginning and end of the week. But after tomorrow, the week starts its downslide toward the weekend. Thursday, the penultimate day of the workweek, has a sort of anticipatory buzz to it, being almost Friday. And then Friday drags, especially the last couple hours, since you can't wait for it to end.

That's my process at any rate. I've liked some of my jobs more than others, but I've never had a job where I wasn't glad to see it over and done with for the week.

It used to be that Corona helped me through my workweek, particularly after a harrowing Monday. For now, instead of swilling beers of an evening, I have movie night(s). I know eventually I'll tire of movies and soda and popcorn and have to come up with another diversion, but for now it seems to be working. Tonight's cinematic fare is the second half of Ben Hur.

I still don't feel as good in the evening as I did swilling a Corona or four(well okay, five), but I do feel better in the morning.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Monday: Gateway to Tuesday

If you're allergic to smoke, Alice B's brownies may be a "Toklas" alternative.

There you go. That was the one clever thought I had today. It was pretty much first thing in the morning, before my brain was dulled from the onslaught of clients. They siphoned all my energy, just sucked it out through the phone lines, leaving me a mere shell of a man.

Man I hate Mondays! They almost always start with a bang, with people lined up out the door and the phones ringing off the wall. A jarring experience every week. Fortunately they go fast, and before you know it, the clock on the wall says 4:30 and you're out the door with your Monday remaining as only a bad taste in your mouth.

Movie night this evening was Ben Hur. Well, the first half of Ben Hur, being a lenghty-ass epic film. Part 2 will pick up tomorrow night, to move me from Tuesday to Wednesday. Hadn't seen this movie since I was a little kid. Still very entertaining, a film that grows on you as it goes. Right now it's bath time. The evening ablutions, followed by a hopefully good night's sleep. Four more workdays remain, but I'll pick 'em off one by one.

Thought I'd share my one creative thought with you though. Happy Tuesday.

mortar cum

For some odd reason, my medium of expression lately has been writing. As in words. As in blogs. Particularly here at good old Roger U Roundly, though I've posted new stuff on my other blogsites. Normally I'm a musician first and foremost as far as what comes outa me, expression-wise. So it's unusual for me to concentrate on blogging like this.

I have had some musical ideas brewing, but they seem to be just below the skin- subcutaneous soundz, as it were. Not quite rising to the surface but definitely swimming around down there. As soon as they become- well, cutaneous, I guess, I'll put them into some sorta format-either on recording or on paper, or both.

But I've definitely been concentrating my energies on writing in here these days, as you can see from the increased volume of blogs. (Loud suckers, too!)Seriously though, I've got a couple more blog ideas I'm working on, which will find their way in here in the near-future.

Thanks for reading. More to come.