Saturday, June 07, 2008

Limited Cheese Supply

While it is true that I do in fact have what could be termed a Limited Cheese Supply, this is not so daunting in itself as the fact that it's shitty and rainy outside. Well then again raininess is not necessarily synonomous(or even analagous)to shittiness. To some, it may be a gloriously rainy day. They may in fact be out soaking in it. But to me, it's a shittyass rainy day. And I have very little cheese left.
So I'm down to my last 2 slices of American. One thing I like to fix for myself of a morning is a bacon n cheese sandwich, and given the current situation I'm set for just two more "full" sandwiches.
Guess I'll have to go out and get more cheese after that. Or settle for a less-than-completely-fulfilling experience.